Braided Bracelets with Saint Medals

These braids come in Black ,Light Blue, Red  and Light Green

Medals  (click on this for choices) you chose will depend on your needs

Just let me know on the Paypal order form which colours and medals you would like 🙂

1 medal $15  BUY

2 medal $20 BUY

3 medal $24 BUY

2 thoughts on “Braided Bracelets with Saint Medals

  1. Love these! Sadly I can’t buy anything over the internet at the mo, but hopefully in a couple years I’ll come back and buy one 🙂

    • Hi Freya,
      I’m so glad you like these.I have been extremely busy lately….but I have lots more gorgeous items to ‘post’……If you become a follower…you will be informed of any new listings………for when you get back! (you could also possibly do a bank deposit…if that helps…..)….

      Out of interest, where are you?


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