About Sacred Swallow

About Sacred Swallow jewellery by Michelle Hillyer

I feel I had a privilleged childhood.I grew up on a lovely hobby farm which looked out towards the breath-taking Blue Mountains.We had lots of farm animals -my favourite being Pangrazia the pig .My father was Italian.

I now live in an old “farm house” in the heart of Sydney- complete with “Mr Ed “ style half doors , work shops, chickens, a super dog and the many lorikeets that keep us entertained daily .

I have one very sweet husband and 2 children that make me very proud.

I am obsessed with taking photos, vintage dresses/fabric and music. My favourite musician at the moment  is Darren Hanlon.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwsWs0sImwk ) . I colour my hair frequently- my favourite colours being a mix of violet and pink. I love cracked pepper and nice smelling candles. I like funny, imperfect people . I want to Yarn Bomb…..and start up a yarn bombing group in Sydney.I need to learn how to knit fancy stitches and cast unusual shapes first .I want to do it now. I hate that there aren’t more hours between 9am and 3pm.

I like nice things, but not perfect things.  My bedroom has a collection of vintage religious statues and prints rescued from Saint Vincent De Paul. Meer cats, deers and dinosaurs have made homes amongst them. It also includes a Mary Mackillop doll hand made by my friend Kathleen and a large round fish bowl with fluoro rocks and a bronze statue of Mary looking over our goldfish Goldie.

I don’t want to look like the people in magazines. I want to look like myself.  And I want my house to look like people live in it. Red is my favourite colour. I like that my grocer remembers our last conversation and our electrician often pops in to say hello and share a cuppa between jobs. I am Catholic, but not over the top Catholic.

You might have seen me working at Valletta Ceramic Art, Balmain Art and Craft Show or the Epiphanies Art show… You may have bought my jewellery from Cherry Blossom in Narabeen , Goo Goo Gear at Leichardt, Nikki Bs in Milton , a Market on the South coast…, on facebook or elsewhere….

Or you might not have.

Nice meeting you…………lots of missing gaps …..oh well……..hope you like my jewellery etc. Spread the word if you do………….and chat again soon.


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