Day of the Dead – “Jesus Defeats Death” Cross


$25 for postage- or pick up from Sydney, Australia

size : 33.5cm high 24cm wide



Rings-Clever Kitsch



Many choices…or design you own!! Just email me a picture and let me do the rest !

Holy Nichos!

Nichos  are shadow box style art works that traditionally contained painted saints . 

My Nichos are created in vibrant sardine cans and can be hung on a wall.

Images are covered in resin to ensure protection from the elements and to ensure the images are shiny.

Make one of these your next talking piece!

Jesus, Our Lady of Guadalupe or you choose a saint/image – email it to me, and I will create a personalised nichos just for you!



Statement Earrings

All earrings are based on sterling silver hooks and cost a reasonable  $30  for each set

What’s your statement? Are you a protestor of womens rights like the amazing Frida Khalo? A lover of art?

Neither? Simply email me a favourite image and I will help create your own statement……….