Vintage Knitting Needle Bangles

Nice to think that once upon a time, a long time ago, these knitting needles worked tirelesly to produce elegant sweaters with interesting yoke and neck details….lacy twinsets and possibly even dog sweaters! 

Now-a-days most of us are too busy to partake in this seemingly impossible process.Personally I would opt to take shortcuts such as in the “Happy Go Vintage” blog- “How to make a dog sweater-Nearly

The knitting needles I use to make these bangles are vintage and they look particularily effective if worn in a bunch.

Make them your latest talking piece!

$15 each

(mention the colours you would like in your order)


Holy Nichos!

Nichos  are shadow box style art works that traditionally contained painted saints . 

My Nichos are created in vibrant sardine cans and can be hung on a wall.

Images are covered in resin to ensure protection from the elements and to ensure the images are shiny.

Make one of these your next talking piece!

Jesus, Our Lady of Guadalupe or you choose a saint/image – email it to me, and I will create a personalised nichos just for you!