‘Vintage’ style Frida Khalo Brooch


Can’t get enough Frida Khalo accessories?

Here is another to add to your collection

It costs $35 and is set on a antique ‘silver’ filigreed base

It is also a Sacred Swallow original and a  limited edition



‘Vintage’ Rose Brooch

 Accessorise in style with this glamorous Brooch

It costs $35 and is set on a antique silver looking filigreed base

It is also a Michelle Hillyer original and a  limited edition



Frida Khalo-Pretty in Pearls and Paua Shell


This pendant shows Salma Hayek , the most famous actress that played Frida Khalo in the movie Frida (2002).

It is set on fresh water pearls and a New Zealand Paua shell flower pendant.

As the pearl has become a metaphor for something very rare, fine, admirable, and valuable- it seems fitting that Frida should be surrounded by them.




Statement Earrings

All earrings are based on sterling silver hooks and cost a reasonable  $30  for each set

What’s your statement? Are you a protestor of womens rights like the amazing Frida Khalo? A lover of art?

Neither? Simply email me a favourite image and I will help create your own statement……….



Mexican inspired wall cross


Mexican Inspired Wall Crosses (10.5 cm* 7cm) are $20 each


These gorgeous Mexican style wall crosses will brighten any wall in your home.

Hang them near the entrance or exit of your home to remind you of your faith and cheer the place up!

Or hang one amongst a bunch of odd shaped picture frames  containing your dearest friends/ family….and a pretty vase of fresh flowers in front! 

Choose your combination of crosses and colours.

Crosses are pink, yellow or mauve.

Sweet flowers are yellow,blue and red.

Just let me know your preference when ordering-(in the comments section of paypal)

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